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Gritty and Yoshi “Evolution” EP Download Now Available!



(free download)

MOBILE USERS: (Download the tracks separately)

Gritty – Fake the Funk
Gritty – Fresh Mess
Gritty Plenty Mo
Gritty – Gritty with your Kitty – RnB Mix
Gritty – X
Gritty – Mister Bigshot
Yoshi – Jenna Marbles
Yoshi – Hidden Away
Yoshi – Back Pain
Yoshi – Aneurism
Yoshi – Ouch

Full EP – All 11 TracksĀ (~70 Mb zipped)


Albumn art:

Gritty and Yoshi - Evolution - Artworksmall

Thank you to everyone who made the free EP possible!
Share it with people if you like it, muh fucka!

Recorded at Lion’s Den Recording Studios
All Gritty Tracks produced by Ian Knox
All Tracks written and performed by:
Gritty and Yoshi
All Yoshi Tracks produced by Yoshi except for Anuerysm (free internet beat)
All Tracks mixed by Blizz
Post mix by Gritty and Yoshi
Mastering by Ian Knox